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Love is...

Free, winds, scent, lust... Stormy clouds

7 November 1982
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Hey everyone! I am a make up artist and plus size model. People call me the "jack of all trades" I am French Canadian, and Italian. My heritage is amazing and it makes me very proud to be what I am.. to come from where I came from.

My daddy was my hero. He passed away 11/11/07... that was one of the worst days ever it's hard to really rememeber it, but I know the thoughts and pics are still there in my mind.

I am 29... in the middle of a divorce- so I will get back atcha on the love life later.. :)

music+dancing=life! I love music!! . well maybe not EVERYTHING.. I dont think I like hard metal (screaming and such...)Love the twilight series I got kinda sucked into that!

I love cook books and all those little holiday craft magazines.. I'm addicted! Im definately a writer i hope i get to share some of my fan fiction with y'all. I love to scrapbook and take pics.. making memories is my fave thing to do.

I have two doggies.. one of which, my little man Rojo (whos really not so little) is stuck in Mexico with my Ex and his family. I am going to get him back if its the last thing I do. "MOMMAS COMMIN BABY!" He's red doberman/pitbull mix, and hes the coolest dog on the planet. Then theres my little (who really is little) "King Louie" he's a Pomeranian... also one of the coolest dogs on the planet.

I love my friends and family! (well of course who doesnt...) No seriously... my friends (especially Jamie) are my world.. I am soo lucky to be supported and loved by so many people.

I am a plus size fashion model. I love what I do, and how I do it.. I am going to change the face of beauty, and I cant wait to break the "mattel" mold of what a woman should look like. check it out! There's a blog about me! :) http://shutterpulse.blogspot.com/

Im currently writing Fashion (my passion) for a magazine www.affairsMagazine.com and a Radio station www.FusionRadio.FM

OK!! so thats me.... More to come!


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